Ego, Jiu Jitsu, and Imagination

The ego is getting beat up these days. Whenever the conversation steers into a debate about psycho-sports, arm-chair psychologists like yours truly like to start rapping about the ego.  "Oh"..."that's just his ego talking", or, "His ego won't let him face the truth", or, "They just need to put their egos aside". It's always about... Continue Reading →

Relationships – Come as You Are

A friend and I had a playful exchange two days ago where we fumbled through a list of our favorite albums. For me, Nirvana's 'Nevermind' is near the top of the list, with 'Come as You Are' being one of my favorite songs. It is my humble belief that ones’ ability to sustain meaningful relationships... Continue Reading →

The Hair

  My hair used to be one of the ways that I defined myself. My earliest memories, and there are pictures that support this, are of me with curly dark brown hair. Not quite an afro, it was what people used to call "good hair", whatever that meant. In hindsight, it's probably a good thing... Continue Reading →

No True North

In re-casting this blog, I wanted to think of a name that truly captures what I want to say, who I am, what I believe and the message I want to convey. My goal is to provide glimpses into the things I am passionate about, and find interesting and beneficial. I  truly believe that blogging... Continue Reading →

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