RE-POST – Do You Feel The Shift In The Air?


My house says to me, “Do not leave me, for here dwells your past.” And the road says to me, “Come and follow me, for I am your future.” And I say to both my house and the road, “I have no past, nor have I a future….”(Kahlil Gibran)

Journeyers, do you feel the shift in the air? We reached the top of the mountain with the year almost over! 🤗

This year, we’ve had a few ups and downs because we needed to feel these emotions and move from it. It also allowed us the opportunity to leave behind situations not aligned with our personalities and our path.

With these changes, I have determined for myself that true transformation can only emerge from within each individual.

I know I have changed in a very significant way this past year. I have softened my awareness to tune into my own…

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