What I Value

As we’re getting out of 2016, I’m looking forward to 2017 with a different approach than I probably have in the past.  I think from time to time my values get fucked up.  I place importance in the wrong shit, and need to hit the personal reset button.  I’ve been looking inward A LOT and trying to identify what I really value in life, and the type of person I want to be as I run down 40.  I settled on four.  These are the things I think I value most (I’m a work in progress – this could change), and the things that I’m going to work like hell to value and prioritize moving forward…

I value honesty.  Honesty is defined as the quality of being honest.  To be honest is to be free of deceit and untruthfulness.  To be honest is to be sincere.  To be honest is to be genuine and real.  I want to be perceived as an honest man.  I want to be honest with people, especially those that I love.  I understand that honesty can hurt, it can anger and sadden.  I still want honesty from others, and hope I have the courage to be honest, even when it might cause pain.

I value love.  Love is defined as a deep and intense feeling of affection.  Love can be romantic in nature, or the love we share with our family and friends.  I want to operate out of love, and look at all people with compassion and understanding.  I want to have an open heart.  I want to be more likely to smile than get upset.  I want to laugh a thousand times before I’m angry once.  I want to see the good in people, including myself, even if they can’t see it themselves.  I want to motivate and inspire.  I want to encourage and console.  I just want love.

I value humility.  Humility is defined as a modest view of one’s own importance.  To display humility is to be humble.  Though I’m proud of my accomplishments and the things I’m blessed to do, I don’t want to be defined by them, nor do I want to fall into a state of complacency, or display hubris.  I want to continue to grow and to learn.  I never want to get to a point where I feel as though I’ve figured it all out, or act as though I have all of the answers.  I want to be effective, not flashy.  I’d rather be efficient than loud.

I value creativity.  Creativity is defined as the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.  I want to experience the spark and energy of the creative spirit as much as life will allow.  I want to take in all of the emotions, experiences and raw energy that life has to offer, and find a way to put it into words, music or motion.  I want to surround myself with like-minded, creative people.  I want to encourage and be encouraged.  I want to inspire and be inspired.

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