Things That Make Me Smile – Justin Wren :)

I’ve been listening to Joe Rogan’s latest podcast with Justin Wren.  Justin Wren is a 29 year old MMA fighter, currently competing with Bellator.  Wren has a very deep history, which he’s explained in depth on Joe’s show a number of times.  I first heard Wren on Joe’s show last summer.  Long story short – Wren was harshly bullied as a kid growing up in Texas.  Despite that, he became a very decorated high school wrestler, and was selected to be on the 10th season of the Ultimate Fighter.  Wren ultimately made his way to the UFC, but soon left the sport due to depression and drug addiction.

Eventually he found his way to the Congo and the Pygmy people.  Over the past 4-5 years, Justin and his charity (‘Fight for the Forgotten’), have worked in conjunction with partner charity (Water4) and the Pygmy people to drill water wells in the Congo in support of the Pygmy’s.  Justin has a very strong belief that we can end the planets water crisis in our lifetime.  In addition to the on the ground work Justin does, he’s also vowed to donate a portion of his winnings, for the remainder of his career, to support his second family in the Congo.  Here’s Justin’s story in his own words:

The Big Pygmy

What makes me smile is not the story itself, though it is one that inspires me.  I smile because why not?  I’m very fortunate, dare I say blessed, to live on the patch of land that I do.  I don’t worry about water, where my next meal is coming from, or how I’m going to support myself and my daughter.  There’s so many things that I personally take for granted that it’s good for me to have reminders of just how fortunate I am.  Happiness and perspective are subjective. Hell to you may be heaven to the African boy paid 14 peanuts for 12 hours of manual labor…

It also makes me smile to know that people like Justin Wren exist – A TRULY selfless individual. Below are links to the podcast, and ‘Water4’.






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