Random Thought – Love Like Cloud Atlas

I recently saw ‘Cloud Atlas’ for the first time.  I really enjoyed the film.  Not only did I think the acting was good, I also liked the story, and what I found to be the underlying message.  Spoiler Alert…..

The movie plays out over 6 sub-stories.  The same cast of actors play roles in each of the 6 sub-stories, and there is a definitive link between each of the stories.  In each, the protagonist has a comet shaped birthmark, almost as if the same soul is present in each of the stories.  In addition, some of the characters seem to vaguely remember each other, as if from past lives.  In one scene in particular, an awe struck Tom Hanks character tells Halle Berry’s character that he just feels comfortable talking to her…but can’t explain why.

It’s a really good movie, but not necessarily the point of this post.

Last Friday I watched as my stepson graduated basic training from the Great Lakes Naval Training Center outside of Chicago, Illinois.  I drove from Virginia to Chicago to see him.  I’ve never been as proud of anyone as I was on Friday watching that ceremony and watching him.  I met him when he was three.  His father passed away when he was just a baby.  I was thrust into to his life quickly, and though I tried to be the best father I could, it didn’t always come out right.  It can be difficult to be a step parent.  My stepmother and I have a similar relationship.  There’s love, deep love, but it can be difficult and rocky at times.  This is not an excuse, it’s a confession of my own failure.

Now, his mother and I in the middle of a divorce.  I’m not necessarily sure how my relationship with my son will go from here.  I will continue to love him as my son, what he chooses to do on his end is up to him.  I’ve thought about this a lot over the last year. He’s a man now, and though it would hurt, if he chose to never speak to me again, to never reach out, I would understand.  If I only see him at events centered around his sister, my daughter, I will relish the opportunity.  Because I love him.  I always will.  That will never change.

Which brings me back to ‘Cloud Altas’, and the idea that maybe we’re surrounded by the same souls for eternity.  My life has been enriched by the people around me.  I’ve been blessed to have known many amazingly wonderful, loving and beautiful people.  I can only hope that if there is another life after this one, if somehow I return to figure shit out again, I HOPE I have the same souls around me in that life as well…


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